Working in the Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist German [ˈtsaitgaist], n. – the spirit of the time; the taste and outlook characteristic of a period or generation.

Once again, waiting for breaking news as I work on the Prop 8 On Trial script. Judge Walker will rule today whether or not he will left the stay on his ruling – allowing for gay marriages to once again take place in California.  If the stay is lifted, a large number of gay marriages are expected in the coming days throughout the state – a reminder that this project, which for me at this point, is reams of paper, and dozens of internet bookmarks on my computer, is about people. And love.

Also, just found this graph this morning posted on Andrew Sullivan’s blog, The Daily Dish. (Sullivan is a gay conservative how has been at the forefront of the gay marriage issue, long before it was taken up as a cause celebre by the gay community.) The two converging lines indicate a tipping point in terms of public opinion.  This case, and this project, exist at that point and seems to be part of the zeitgeist.  It certainly increases the pressure to get it right, but the immediacy is exhilarating.

UPDATE:  Judge Walker ruled to discontinue the stay as of August 18 at 5:00 p.m. – at which time same-sex couples in California will be able to marry. The opposition will now go to the appeals court to continue the stay.

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