T-Minus 14 Hour Flight Forecast

We are 14 hours away from launch and all systems are go! Thanks to our head engineer, Fred Bruenjes, we have a projection of what the flight will look like tomorrow. Launching from the CAPS [...]

Ascent Balloon Construction

9/29 Balloon Construction Work Fred and I met with Trevor (Mr. Sutcliff) and several of the Blue Valley HS Engineering students and one of the engineering students from Longview College. As the [...]

“Ascent” Live Video Feed Information

Here is the link to the Ustream video account that will show live video from the balloon flight: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ascent-balloon The video stream will remain inactive until this [...]

Ascent: GPS Tracking Link

Below is the link to the APRS radio network that will allow you to track Saturday’s launch.  A Google Map view will open showing the balloon’s most recently update location.  During [...]

Welcome Natalie Popovic Schuh: PLUG projects first guest curator

PLUG is excited to host Natalie Schuh as our first guest curator.  During each exhibition PLUG will host one international guest curator who will create online satellite exhibitions having to do [...]

Ascent Update- Update

This is about 4 minutes of un-edited video from last nights work on the payload package. To view the video go to Youtube:

Ascent Balloon Update

Last night the students from Blue Valley and Longview met at the HMS Beagle store in Parkville and very nearly completed the construction of the payload package. After the meeting last week they [...]

More “Ascent” Payload Design and Build Photos

Photos leading up to launch this Saturday, October 1st at 11 AM. Here are 4 more photos from the design and build sessions.  These photos were taken using balloon’s onboard DSLR camera [...]

Call for Experimental Critical Writing

The Rocket Grants program is seeking a writer/critic/curator/artist to undertake a critical engagement with art projects that are innovative, relational and inserted into public space, exploring [...]

Where the heck do you get a balloon?

As we countdown the final days until launch, some of our blog followers may be wondering where the heck you get a balloon big enough to lift 6 pounds of equipment 100,000 feet?  Here’s some [...]

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