C.A.T.A. has begun to colonize its host. We are now the key masters. Will you be a gatekeeper?

C.A.T.A.’s services will be complex, but its needs are simple. We are seeking the following provisions:

-wood burning stove

-counter tops

-old couches, recliners, or cushions

-ceremonial dagger

-video projector

-tai chi instructor

Should you be willing provide C.A.T.A. any of the above, we have a diverse array of skills and valuables ripe for trade. Please contact us at dontyoufeelbetter@gmail.com if you are in a position to trade.

C.A.T.A. will soon begin to stock its retail component. Artifacts of many forms will be accepted. Ephemera and multiples will be favored. Please contact us if you are a creator looking to distribute articles such as the following:




-ritual artifacts



-fermented and canned foods

C.A.T.A. is interested in creating new forms of social exchange, including an investigation of the abstract concept of value. As such, we are very interested in working with artists & artisans amenable to trading and bartering goods and services.

How does the air feel today? Feel the seasons shift and understand the eternally regenerative process of Universe. Is there anything else so beautiful?

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