Prop 8 On Trial Debuts at Lawrence Arts Center

The final draft of “Prop 8 On Trial” was sent out to a cast of 15 actors in preparation for rehearsals this week at the Fishtank Performance Studio and a Saturday evening performance [...]

C.A.T.A. Tonic

Stillness precedes action. Still like the High Priestess, saying yes to waiting,. Just residing in HER primary reality, “emptiness”,  will allow us  to invoke a derivitave reality [...]

Hot Head

This is another of 10 videos for my Video Installation Performance. I thought the environments and movements made sense together. If nothing else there is the color yellow, ridiculous repetitive [...]


It has been brought to our attention that there is some trepidation regarding the choice to call the Center for the Advancement of Transmodern Awareness the Center for the Advancement of [...]

Rocket Science

Things are really starting to roll on the next issue. We’ve looked over the submissions we’ve received in the year since our last issue and made our selections about which pieces will work best [...]


C.A.T.A. has begun to colonize its host. We are now the key masters. Will you be a gatekeeper? C.A.T.A.’s services will be complex, but its needs are simple. We are seeking the following [...]

Call For Participation// we want to know what you are working on

open this pdf to find out how you can contribute to ASP/SPA/PAS

Honored By “The Funk”

Endless Boundless wins Mayor’s Award!!! Klumzooka and the Porous Jenko waited patiently for the City Council Meeting to start. American bison, corn, trains, planes and wheat of brass [...]