Prop 8 On Trial Debuts at Lawrence Arts Center

The final draft of “Prop 8 On Trial” was sent out to a cast of 15 actors in preparation for rehearsals this week at the Fishtank Performance Studio and a Saturday evening performance (September 18) at the Lawrence Arts Center. Will be staging the performance for both a large thrust stage at the Arts Center and for the small black-box theater that is the Fishtank.  Fishtank performances are the following week (September 22-25).   This Tuesday will be the first read-thru of the script – and the first test of whether or not cutting the piece from its original 6-hour length to 2 hours was successful in terms of capturing the arguments of the trial, the humanity of the participants, and the size of the historical moment.  After years in the theater, I have an almost boundless trust in the ability of actors to breathe life into the words on the page, and correcting the sins and omissions of a playwright.  Will be photographing the rehearsal process as we go.

Phil Hooser in "Prop 8 On Trial"

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