Chi Training / Perspective Gaming

The human being is an emergent mystery, sustained by a multiplicity of Forces. That ineffable totality of our True nature cannot be formally approached, understood, nor explained. This is the [...]


COME TO CATA Here is a new audio_logo Ashley made for CATA.  Please come.

Light Waste

The screen reveals the fascism of the eye. What an awkward stage of cultural growth, when the integral totality of the human being can be so easily devalued by the tantrums of optical addiction. [...]

dimensions of entry

We found  a 7 sided flower inlay imbedded in the tile of C.A.T.A’s  entry way.  In embrace of this indigenous geometry, we’re going to lazer-cut a floor tile sequence for each of the [...]


Color channeling Blown kisses from the Spectrum Brush it off The white Light shines from within The world of form assumes it’s frequencies So what We can see Graydients

C.A.T.A. Tonic

Stillness precedes action. Still like the High Priestess, saying yes to waiting,. Just residing in HER primary reality, “emptiness”,  will allow us  to invoke a derivitave reality [...]