Chi Training / Perspective Gaming

The human being is an emergent mystery, sustained by a multiplicity of Forces. That ineffable totality of our True nature cannot be formally approached, understood, nor explained. This is the fundamental tragedy of the Human condition. However, all is not lost, and we may still maintain a practical sense of purpose, for those Forces which inform our Being are ripe and ready for exploration. With this purpose in mind,The Center For The Advancement of Transmodern Awareness will host a new monday night workshop, entitled ‘Chi Training and Perspective Gaming’.

Chi Training will be led by our resident teacher Ryan Boje……. Kansas City native of 32 years. Beginning at age 10 Ryan has actively studied martial arts seeking self awareness and discipline for the enrichment of life and social responsibility.  Styles studied include Shotokan karate, Okinawan kempo, Yang Tai chi, Bagua, Wing Chun, Tai xu, Chen Tai chi, with main focus on Xing yi chuan   and Katori Shinto Ryu.
The class will be geared towards the structure and movement techniques to teach the student fundamental expression which then could be applied   to any martial art. There are no prerequisites other than comfortable attire and willingness to learn.

Perspective Gaming will be a practice dealing with the pragmatics of human consciousness.  Who am I right now?  How do I behave? Can I cultivate a Self? Can I get rid of a Self?  These questions and more will be playful engaged in a new for of interactive improve gaming developed by the C.A.T.A. staff.

Classes will be held on Monday evenings from 7-9:30.
There will be a suggested donation of anything you can spare.


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