Byproduct: Print with The Print Factory


Image Courtesy of The Print Factory

Sunday, October 27th, 3-6 PM.

Please consider joining us with your dirty laundry to participate in The Print Factory workshop at the Walnut Place Laundromat.

The Print Factory says, “Come to make your own prints on paper or t-shirts with The Print Factory on Sunday. Design and print your own image on paper, or take a t-shirt home with a Laundromat edition print. Let your prints dry on the clothes line or in the dryer while you help other make art and talk print”.

More info about The Print Factory:

The Print Factory represents artists through the traveling printing presses we design and make. We demonstrate the utility of printmaking while introducing our audience to new artists.
The Print Factory is a public intervention that shows people how the act of printing began and why it matters. The factory is a collective of mobile printing presses that travel around to demonstrate how the technology of printing was the beginning of the information age.


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