Critcheloe, Warren, Noland film “Dust” preparing for Spring release

 Stills from the film and images from behind the scenes.

Kansas City artists Cody Critcheloe, Jaimie Warren and Peggy Noland, with support from a Rocket Grants project award, are in the editing process of a new feature length film titled “DUST”. DUST was directed by Casey Spooner and Adam Dugas, and edited by Jessy Abid & Adam Dugas.

This new film is the result of the efforts of over thirty Kansas City artists who collaborated with amazing guest talents including Los Angeles-based Holly Woodlawn from the infamous Andy Warhol films, Casey Spooner of New York City performance troupe Fischerspooner, New York-based actor/producer/Director Adam Dugas, Los Angeles-based acclaimed actor Katie Rayle, internationally exhibiting Croatia and New York-based installation artists Dora Budor & Maja Cule, and Los Angeles based artist and writer Linda Lay, among others.

From creating new sets to lighting design, costuming, hair, makeup, acting and sound design, this project was unique to the Kansas City community and allowed these 30+ local artists to collaborate with amazing out-of-town guests to create this exciting new project written by Spooner & Dugas and filmed on location in Kansas City.

The film is slated to be complete in Spring 2012 and submitted to numerous film festivals including SXSW and Tribeca, and will have a public screening in Kansas City in Spring/Summer 2012.

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