Discourse about Discourse

Dialogue about dialogue.

That’s how we spent Thursday night, at the Art Practical Open Forum at KCAI. Patricia Maloney’s publication, an online forum based in the San Francisco Bay area, demonstrates that its possible to contribute in a meaningful way to the local critical dialogue while gaining national visibility and readership, given some committed contributors and a boost from funding sources very similar to our Rocket Grant Program. The community generated arts journal, in operation since 2009, is about to reach sustainability after 51 issues. Their secrets include emphasis on meaningful content, a profit/nonprofit hybrid business model, and integration within existing entities with aligned missions.

Maybe that’s not a bad starter recipe for Kansas City to generate its own venues for critique and dialogue about the arts.  From the interaction with the crowd gathered, it was clear the topic of critique is important to Kansas City’s creative community.  The exact manifestation(s) of what’s to come is less clear, but I can certainly see it being informed by our visitors from the Bay.

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