Just in case you didn’t already have enough reasons to attend Yeah No I Mean It, this weekend’s performance art symposium at La Esquina, here’s one more: GuestWriter is getting an in-progress test run Thursday night!  Lindsey Griffith and Charlie Mylie (2/3 of the GuestWriter team, along with programmer Colin O’Keefe) will be doing a sneak peak radio show scripted by GuestWriter and performed on the spot.  The performance will be interactive, with audience members invited into the radio booth shack to read the script themselves and become a character in GuestWriter’s radio drama!   GuestWriter Presents: Something You’ve Never Seen Before (and Neither Have We) will be presented Thursday, April 16th from 7-9.

GuestWriter’s Revenge is an interdisciplinary collaboration between one computer programmer and two performers.  GuestWriter is an innovative computer program created by Kansas City-based researcher Colin O’Keefe to generate sitcom scripts.  To test the possibilities of his program, O’Keefe has teamed up with Kansas City performers Charlie Mylie and Lindsey Griffith to produce GuestWriter’s Revenge, a special series of performances utilizing the GuestWriter program.  The project was awarded a Rocket Grant from the Charlotte Street Foundation in 2014, and will debut in full in the summer of 2015.  For more information on the project visit the project page on the RocketBlog. 

Yeah No I Mean It: Time, Situation, Dexterity is a three-night performance art symposium curated by Jessica Borusky and housed in Charlotte Street Foundation’s La Esquina gallery.  Both local and national performance artists will be featured in the three-night symposium, running April 16-18 7pm-9pm.     For more information on featured artists visit the website. 

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