If Da Dirt Could Talk, First Quilt

QuiltIf Da Dirt Could Talk, a collaborative 2013 Rocket Grants project by Nedra Bonds and Dr. Nancy Dawson, has begun its engagement with the students at Stony Point South Elementary School, a few blocks North of the Kansas River in Wyandotte County.

In class the students were studying Native Americans but without mention of local tribes.  Since they live in a county named for the Wyandot tribe, Nedra introduced them to stories and characters that would acquaint them with their heritage.

Children in grade 5 drew the images after learning about three famous Wyandot Indian women: Nancy Brown Guthrie a.k.a. Quindaro, Lyda Conley, and Janith English, currently the principal chief of the Kansas Wyandots. The children were especially interested in Lyda and her sisters’ battle, to save the Huron Cemetery.

nedra at plaza art fair (2)Nedra chose a few of the images, and transferred them to fabric for this quilt. She will be meeting with children at Quindaro School next. Many adults that have seen the quilt have been surprised to discover that they do not know the names of local heroes either.

NancyandThompsonGraveOnce the quilts are completed, they will be displayed to help promote two productions of Nancy’s  original play “Stories From Da Dirt”, and will also be featured in the performances that will happen in the old Quindaro Cemetery.

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