Listen to Joseph Keehn discuss A Mystic Bond of Brotherhood Makes All Men One

Keehn_MysticBond_BarSchedule-1Transcript of recording. Joseph Keehn speaks:

“Today is Wednesday, February 25, 2015 and it is 5:10 pm

I am currently at a potential public library in Kansas that may decide to exhibit the project “A Mystic Bond of Brotherhood Makes All Men One.” This project examines the role of third spaces, which are the places we spend the third most amount of our time. Home and work are generally first and second.

IMG_2057Since the finished work will live in a library, it only makes sense for my first blog to be at a library. So here I am. In addition, since the work is predominantly auditory, why not just record and have you listen to what’s going on. (I apologize in advance for any pauses and “ums” that will surely occur.)

The first part of the project that I will be discussing today is where I spend the third most amount of my time. It is not at a library, but more at bars and bowling alleys. Basically anywhere that libations are readily available.

Strangely, or I guess not so much, these places and libraries have a lot in common. They both are places that house stories–libraries more of the written form while the other more oratory. Both fiction and non-fiction. Even historical non-fiction too I am sure.

To better understand and to preserve some of these unwritten stories, I will record conversations at various locations, specifically gay-owned or gay-friendly, in Kansas City. These recordings will then play in the stacks at UMKC’s Miller Nichols Library on the 2nd floor.


I do not know exactly what will be on the recordings, but I hope to bring some of the mundane and banality of everyday life into the refined texts and literature at that Library. To do this, I invite you to participate by joining in on a conversation on one of the following dates and times”:


The Point Bar & Grill located at 917 W 44th Street, KCMO from 6 – 8 pm for Steak Night on Thursday, March 6

Cafe Trio located at 4558 Main Street, KCMO from 4 pm on Wednesday, March 11 for Happy HourIMG_2330

Mission Bowl at 5399 Martway St, Mission, KS from 7 – 9 pm on Friday, March 13

Hamburger Mary’s beginning at noon on Monday, March 16

Side Street Bar & Grill 413 E 33rd St,  KCMO at 4 pm on Wednesday, March 18

SideKicks Saloon 3707 Main Street, KCMO on Saturday, March 21 at 5 pm

Buddies located next door to SideKicks Saloon on Saturday, March 21 from  7 – 9 pm

On Friday, March 27 I will be at Industry Video Bar 3700 Broadway KCMO from 9 – 11 pm

Missie B’s on Sunday, March 29 from noon to 4 pm

and finishing up at 303 Westport Road’s  Bistro 303 on Monday, March 30 from 3 – 6 pm




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