KC’s DIY Venice Biennale continues….

Mini Vinnie Bini pavilion at Maker Village

Mini Vinnie Bini pavilion at Maker Village, 31st and Cherry

Even if you have missed many or all of the surprising, educational and always entertaining events that are making up Blanket Undercover’s 2015 Rocket Grants Project Mini Vinnie Bini, you still have time to participate!

Best Deal

Pavilion at Best Deal on Troost

Follow this link to see a program of upcoming events, and go to their website to get the map of pavilions all over the KC metro.

Video Showcase Tivoli

Video showcase at The Tivoli

Some of the events to come: Highlights and Farewells (tonight! 12/3), Video showcase, Gone are the Days of Shelter and Martyr performance, Church Van Tour #3 (limited seating), the continuing Das Kapital bookclub, and the Full Denial New Year’s Eve Eve Eve party!

Mini Vinnie passport

Mini Vinnie passport

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