Mahaska-White Cloud Community Mural has begun!

The painting of the White Cloud Community Mural has officially begun!


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After a series of brainstorming and design meetings we finalized our idea and on May 17, 2019 we started outlining the image onto the Foster Memorial Church in the Historic town of White Cloud, Kansas.


We waited for nightfall to project the design onto the wall and used black paint to fill in the lines.

Unfortunately we have faced some setbacks. These recent weeks have been riddled with severe thunderstorms that have caused lots of flooding in the region. This has prevented one of our muralists from traveling to the location, and has also prevented us from promoting painting days with the community. We had to cancel two previously scheduled community painting days due to inconsistent weather. However, we were so eager to begin that when a dry day presented itself, we started painting. We decided to start with the sky in our mural since we will not be allowing community members and volunteers to climb the scaffolding anyway.


We learned the hard way the importance of high quality paint and proper drying times after part of our progress was washed away due to the excessive rain. This made us re-evaluate the quality of our paint as we prepare for more rainy days. Our painting days may be few and far between but we are determined to power through and succeed with our community mural! Last week we repainted the portion of our mural that was lost. The town is already abuzz!


Some videos of our progress:


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