Session #3 – July 17, 2010

The ability to blend into the surrounding environment can come in handy when trying to avoid a predator, especially for those animals with little else in their defense arsenal. Several animal species, including scorpionfish and leaf frogs, can change their appearance to match their surroundings. Others can make themselves appear to be something boring, like the walking stick, which looks very much like a twig. Zebras are another animal that uses camouflage to fool would-be predators; to a lion, a herd of zebras may look more like a mass of black-and-white strips than a delicious prey species.

The Afraidian Frog came in contact with poison and is now diseased with peculiar growths.

Busted bicycle tubes transform into vines thanks to KB, Joey, and Dean.

Weston is constructing his Death Tree...

...a tree specializing in the death of owls. It lures them into this wicked nest.

Alex attaches feathers.

Geniveve painted her face instead of Klumzooka's.

Leaf study - students collected a variety of leaf specimens...

...And used them to make their own.

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