The Freeing Throwers are Rolling ALL over KC!

Hey Adriane! Everyone in Kansas City is all excited about the new streetcars. They are nice and new and super quiet and super clean, but you know what? They don’t go very far – 15 blocks, that’s it. You know what does go far? The BUSES! KCATA has over 200 buses and they go into every neighborhood in the city. KC has lots of fountains, hell, we’re the City of Fountains. But we have even more roads! And those buses cover those roads. And those buses are carrying our Freeing Throwers campaign all over the city. North, South, East, West, and everywhere in between riders are hearing stories about eating healthy food instead of sugary junk and making donations to St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. The MAX and local buses on Main and Troost even have extra ads, every time they run from midtown to downtown. I rode around with a reporter for KCUR the other day and we heard three ads for Freeing Throwers and one ad for PayDay Cash Loans (UGH!). Ours were better! Here comes my bus, gotta run! Your bro in KC,MO

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