We: Art Practical +the Rocket Grantees

During Art Practical‘s recent visit, all current and previous Rocket Grantees were invited to Plug Projects for a discussion about the effect of the Rocket Grant program, experimental programming, and dynamics behind the art ecology of Kansas City.  Patricia Maloney pointed out that one of the things she had noticed in meeting one on one with grantees was that the Rocket Grants seemed to be generating “opportunities for we(s) to happen”.  The group assembled had different takes on what a “we” could be: a group of performers collaborating in an office building, a man and his backyard engaging suburban passers-by, a performer creating videos with a group of residents in a retirement home.

All told, the collective “we” in the the room spoke a lot about the merits of the program: the validation it lent, the risks it afforded, the specific projects it enabled. It will be curious to see what the writers and editors of AP have to say about what they heard. What is the impact of the Rocket Grant Program in Kansas City?  Of experimental artworks in our community?  We’ll look forward to the AP issue and its point of view on our projects’ collective affect.

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