“Rest Assured You Are [Now] Under Video Surveillance”

2015.06.26 - Samsung Galaxy S5 069

Last night the art team for the “Rest Assured You Are Under Video Surveillance” project finished installing the piece at the Cider Gallery in Lawrence, where it will make its debut today. “Rest Assured” confronts viewers with the question “Does surveillance really promote peace and comfort?” by inviting them into a zen garden that is also home to four hidden cameras that stream live to the web.

The project’s website describes it in further detail, and the “Live Feed” link on that site leads to a YouTube channel that streams the installation cameras’ video feeds live. (The YouTube channel goes blank when the installation isn’t operating.) If you can’t visit the Cider Gallery tonight or the Lawrence Arts Center on 27 June, watch viewers’ interactions via the feed and add to the garden’s zen.

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