Each June we celebrate the latest round of Rocket Grants Award recipients with a public ceremony. We choose a space outside of mainstream arts venues to reflect the non-traditional spaces the projects in this program are asked to inhabit. The following venues have hosted Awards Ceremonies:

2010 The Rose Garden Room in Loose Park, Kansas City
2011 Lakeside Nature Center in Swope Park, Kansas City
2012 Just-Off Broadway Community Theater, Kansas City
2013 Linda Hall Science Library at UMKC
2014 Kansas City Museum’s Corinthian Hall, Historic Northeast Kansas City
2015 Maker Village KC (2014 Award recipient), 31st and Cherry, Kansas City
2016 KCAI Center for Contemporary Practice, Grand Avenue, Kansas City
2017 Healthy Rivers Partnership, Kansas City
2018 Travois, Kansas City
2019 VMLY&R, Kansas City


To view more details on current and past projects/recipients, visit the RocketBlog

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