Each June we celebrate the latest round of Rocket Grants Award recipients with a public ceremony. We choose a space outside of mainstream arts venues to reflect the non-traditional spaces the projects in this program are asked to inhabit. The following venues have hosted Awards Ceremonies:

• 2010 The Rose Garden Room in Loose Park, Kansas City
• 2011 Lakeside Nature Center in Swope Park, Kansas City
• 2012 Just-Off Broadway Community Theater, Kansas City
• 2013 Linda Hall Science Library at UMKC
• 2014 Kansas City Museum’s Corinthian Hall, Historic Northeast Kansas City
• 2015 Maker Village KC (2014 Award recipient), 31st and Cherry, Kansas City
• 2016 KCAI Center for Contemporary Practice, Grand Avenue, Kansas City
• 2017 Healthy Rivers Partnership, Kansas City
• 2018 Travois, Kansas City
• 2019 VMLY&R, Kansas City


To view more details on current and past projects/recipients, visit the RocketBlog

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