Interview with Professor Donald D. Stull

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN While seeking local individuals who have invested time into the study of the poultry industry, I was pleased to discover the book titled, Slaughterhouse Blues: The Meat and [...]

Statement from the Rocket Grants program about The Story of Chickens

Amber Hansen’s project “The Story of Chickens – A Revolution” is funded by a program called Rocket Grants, which in turn receives its funding from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. [...]

Bowling (with) a Turkey

On the same day I had met with Hank Will, I returned to the University of Kansas to find this article in the UDK (the campus newspaper). Photo by Ashleigh Lee  November 17, 2011:  A Junior from [...]

Words from Hank Will

When researching people around the area who raise and care for chickens, I stumbled upon an article by Hank Will, Editor of GRIT Magazine. This article reaveled what I felt to be a shared [...]

Project Description

The Story of Chickens: A Revolution “The Story of Chickens: A Revolution” by artist Amber Hansen will debut in March 2012 with a ceremonial ribbon cutting for a chicken coop on wheels, and the [...]

Artist Statement

The Story of Chickens employs experiential knowledge to shrink the gap between understanding ourselves, our environment, and the impact of our actions on the natural world. As sustainability [...]

An Introduction

As a child and adolescent, I spent much of my time caring for animals and drawing pictures. These were the endeavors I enjoyed most. As an adult I have pursued a career in visual art. The journey [...]

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