LTVL lead political correspondent Biff Beluga takes interest in the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association (ELNA) election when an unprecedented number of candidates put themselves up for the race. After further in-depth sleuthing Biff discovers that some of these new candidates had never previously been to an ELNA board meeting while a number of other incoming candidates who do own property in the East Lawrence neighborhood do not currently live in the neighborhood. While some might applaud this seeming increase in felt civic responsibility one must wonder what could be the cause for such heightened interest in a small neighborhood board? Could it be dissatisfaction with the Yart Sale? Is it the river clean-up? Maybe it’s someone wanting to be more diligent in establishing an overlay district? Could it be a deep yearning for more low-income housing? Some say it might have something to do with a single topic, a topic like new development strategies along the ninth-street corridor. Only time will tell! ELNA members cast their votes at New York Elementary Monday, Nov. 2nd at 7:00pm!

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