That Stuff Is Toxic!!! Let It Go!!!

HazardousWastepicHey Adriane! Everybody has toxic stuff around the house: flammable, poisonous, or worse. As I said in our last post, in Kansas City, you take the electronics to the West Bottoms, but bad crap that doesn’t have a plug or a battery goes to the East Bottoms. I’m talking paint thinner, I’m talking pesticides and herbicides, you know, stuff with a skull and cross bones on the label. We gotta get that stuff out of our houses! I once had some of that stuff in a cabinet in the basement and the poison ate through the container and stunk up the whole house. Who needs a stinky house?! Let it go People! Let it go safely and responsibly. Here comes my bus, gotta go, Your Bro in KC,MO


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