That Stuff Is Toxic!!! Let It Go!!!

Hey Adriane! Everybody has toxic stuff around the house: flammable, poisonous, or worse. As I said in our last post, in Kansas City, you take the electronics to the West Bottoms, but bad crap [...]

50/50’s next exhibition THINGS TO BE READ opens Friday, Oct. 16th

October 16th – December 4th 50/50, 1628 Wyoming St., Kansas City, Missouri 64102 Patricia Bordallo (KC) Brett Ginsburg (KC) Julian Chams (NY) Kameelah Janan Rasheed (NY) Billboard by: [...]

Live TV Live presents: Cahoots, Chicanery and Carpetbagging

Just this week, a collective calling themselves the East Ninth Street Placekeepers published a highly informative website. The website functions as an archive of letters of concern from Lawrence [...]

Julie’s TV

Hey Adriane! Remember that night when you photographed me and Julie carrying her TV to my car (I carried the TV and she carried the plug)? I finally took it to the Surplus Exchange in the West [...]

Cracked Screens and More Broken Communication

Hey Adriane! I met a young woman at the T-Mobile store right beside the Paragraph Gallery in downtown Kansas City. Her name is “J” (not her real name), and she’s an Environmental Studies major [...]