Julie’s TV

MoJulieTVHey Adriane! Remember that night when you photographed me and Julie carrying her TV to my car (I carried the TV and she carried the plug)? I finally took it to the Surplus Exchange in the West Bottoms and they took it off my hands, literally. Surplus Exchange is one of the few places in Kansas City where you can get rid of stuff with batteries and cords. They do a brisk business down there, and the staff was very helpful (see pics). They’ll take printers and small stuff like that for free. But, like most places that recycle electronics, they will charge for you a TV, especially those big old boxes.

Surplus Exchange charged me .30 a pound for the TV, but that’s cheaper than the other places I found. That thing weighed 45 pounds! When I was a kid, that would have qualified as a “portable tv.” Anyway, thought you’d want to know that we’re getting shit done in Kansas City, responsibly… Here comes the bus, I gotta run. Your bro in KC,MO

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